Cub Camp 2013

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Cub Camp 2013

21 June 2013

This years cub Camp was held in what could be described as interesting weather.  Ranging from strong winds, to rain and even some sunshine!

Friday night started with a hike up to Albert Tower where the conditions could be described as “windy”.




The weather worsened that evening which forced the campfire to be held indoors (although not a real fire).  Through the night, the winds got more intense, until a few of the tents started taking off, like the rockets built the previous day.

Whilst some of the kids found this quite amusing, the leaders who were now tent-less and getting wet weren’t so keen!  As a result, we closed the camp early, forgoing the water sports (although we were all wet enough by this time!)

Everyone had a good camp, and a big thanks to the organising team!