Beaver Bowling Bonanza

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Beaver Bowling Bonanza

3 March 2015

Well done to Buggane Beavers who won the Shield for the overall best average score of 71.8.  They all bowled magnificently, they may well have been watching the ‘Dambusters’ beforehand as some of the balls almost bounced down the alley to knock the skittles down!

The top 3 scores of the Colony were:

  • Joe – 85 (who just missed out, by one point, for the under 7 shield)
  • Reuben – 81 (who won the over 7 shield)
  • Finley – 76

Thank you to all the parents who brought the Beavers to Ramsay and we hope you enjoyed the time as much as we did.

Monday Beaver Leaders