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Buggane beavers meet every Monday of term time at the Scout Hall.

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Lookout Mark Cavendish – Buggane Beavers are coming!

Martin Hazell (ACSL Cushag Pack) : May 26, 2015 2:22 pm : Beavers, Monday Beavers

After finding out why it’s important to wear safety equipment (helmets, reflective clothing and lights) and how to pump up a tyre we ventured out with the bikes.

Buggane Beavers completed their Cycling Activity Badge in great style with some very confident cycling weaving in and out of cones.  There were no major incidents and only a few tumbles which saw the Beavers immediately get back on the bikes and away again.

beavercycling5 beavercycling4 beavercycling3 beavercycling2 beavercycling 1



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Beaver Bowling Bonanza

Martin Hazell (ACSL Cushag Pack) : March 3, 2015 5:20 pm : Beavers, Monday Beavers

Well done to Buggane Beavers who won the Shield for the overall best average score of 71.8.  They all bowled magnificently, they may well have been watching the ‘Dambusters’ beforehand as some of the balls almost bounced down the alley to knock the skittles down!

The top 3 scores of the Colony were:

  • Joe – 85 (who just missed out, by one point, for the under 7 shield)
  • Reuben – 81 (who won the over 7 shield)
  • Finley – 76

Thank you to all the parents who brought the Beavers to Ramsay and we hope you enjoyed the time as much as we did.

Monday Beaver Leaders

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Bear Grylls Visit 2013

Martin Hazell (ACSL Cushag Pack) : May 13, 2013 3:59 pm : Beavers, Cubs, Cushag Pack, Group, Main News, Monday Beavers, Scouts, Thursday Beavers, Tynwald Pack

Thanks to all who came to Peel last Saturday and managed to see Bear Grylls in action.

There are some pictures available, but you will need to be logged in.  Username and password will be available in the Scout Hall.

Click here to access the gallery

Bear Grylls 2013

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Beaver 5-A-Side Football Tournament

Martin Hazell (ACSL Cushag Pack) : November 30, 2011 10:58 am : Monday Beavers
After a very well-played tournament, in which they didn’t lose any of their matches, Monday Beavers have brought the shield back to 1st Douglas after 12 years!
Well done also to both Thursday Beaver teams who all played as if their lives depended on it!  There was only a point between most of the teams after first place so it was a very close tournament indeed.
A big thank you to all the parents who helped on the day and to all those who delivered their children – we had a fantastic turnout.
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St Georges Day

Martin Hazell (ACSL Cushag Pack) : March 14, 2011 4:27 pm : Cushag Pack, Douglas Explorers, General, Group, Monday Beavers, Scouts, Thursday Beavers, Tynwald Pack

This year’s St Georges Day parade will be taking place in Laxey on Saturday April 23rd – more details to follow.

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